The Anvil Academy has a focused mission of Forging Men.  The middle school years are a unique season where personal proficiency and skillset potentiality intersect perfectly with character malleability and discipleship opportunity.  Like no other season in life, 6th-8th grade boys are poised to ask big questions about identity, masculinity, faith and character.  The answers that pop culture provides are often shallow caricatures and lead boys into the malaise of middle school years rather than a vision and purposeful pathway of adventuring from boy into man.  

The Anvil Academy provides experiential and academic opportunities that challenge boys

to grow into emerging manhood, founded on Biblical principals.   Through developmentally

appropriate, hands-on, problem-based, independent and collaborative challenges, TAA

teaches boys to ask questions, explore answers, and innovate solutions while growing in

wisdom. The Anvil Academy’s ABC-6 philosophy guides each learning activity:  

engaging the mind, while capturing the heart and training the hands.

In Noah Webster’s 1828 dictionary, he wrote, "To be on the anvil, is to be in a state of discussion, formation or preparation; as when a scheme or measure is forming, but not matured." Both as emerging men and as an emerging discipleship and apprenticeship school, the 2017-18 school year will provide fun and engaging opportunities for adventure, bravery, curiosity and creation.  

            Fire: Gathering / Reflection / Worship
            Mission: Training / Adventure / Challenge / Creation- Sequence A
            Rations: Lunch / Cooking / Consuming / Community
            Mission: Training / Adventure / Challenge / Creation - Sequence B
            Debrief: Reporting / Reflection
            Commission: Go / Do